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Guild of Technomancers Middle Earth C&Cnet Overview

General Overview of the Command & Control Network

The Guild of Technomancers has several sites across Middle Earth.

We have five ultimately expanded to six primary bases of operation. Each one includes its own dedicated Command & Control Facility, Research Facility, and NDA Data Center. If one is taken out then we still can coordinate with each other.

The first is the Alpha-1 Headquarters located in Rivendell. Codename: The Hacker Shelter >>
Command & Control Facility Alpha-1
Research Facility Alpha-1
NDA Data Center Alpha-1

The second is the Beta-2 Headquarters located in Lothlorien. Codename: Swiftluck Greens >>
Command & Control Facility Beta-2
Research Facility Beta-2
NDA Data Center Beta-2

The third is the Gamma-3 Headquarters located in Northern Mirkwood. Codename: The Greenhouse >>
Command & Control Facility Gamma-3
Research Facility Gamma-3
NDA Data Center Gamma-3

The fourth is the Omega-4 Headquarters located in Erebor. Codename: Fort Knox >> Contact Restored
Command & Control Facility Omega-4
Research Facility Omega-4
NDA Data Center Omega-4

The fifth is the Epsilon-5 Headquarters located Khazad-dum. Codename: Blackleg Miner >>
Command & Control Facility Epsilon-5
Research Facility Epsilon-5
NDA Data Center Epsilon-5

A recently built one known as Umbra-6 is located deep inside the mountains of Gondor. Codename >> Black Mountain
Command & Control Facility Umbra-6
Research Facility Umbra-6
NDA Data Center Umbra-6

All five now turned to six of these installations are in constant 24/7 communication with each other sharing command and control information, intelligence, research data, operational information, messages etc. They all have a large Numbers Station Erebus Terminal as well in order to send out messages to agents in the field.

This real time communication is done over the Command & Control Network (C&Cnet) which is a closed loop F2F (Friend-to-Friend) Darknet End-to-End Encrypted Network which is not accessible from outside of these sites except via a series of heavily guarded Gateway Nodes that can allow outside traffic into the Darknet.

Only the strongest cryptographic algorithms and protocols are used in the C&Cnet. Specific Details on the Cryptographic Security can be found in its own document.

The C&Cnet Interfax Messaging System uses an modified I2P (Invisible Internet Project) Bote Garlic Routing MixMinion type protocol which splits the messages into tiny encrypted packets and randomly scatters them across the C&Cnet to make sure that the messages are untraceable.

The Ultra Strong Encryption allows C&Cnet traffic to be sent over any comm channels without compromising the security. It is completely impossible to tell if any type of traffic is C&Cnet traffic. However this capability is only used in an emergency when the Closed Loop Lines are down.

The C&Cnet Gateway Nodes and all network endpoints are protected by a extremely sophisticated Endpoint Protection System called MITHERIL. This system consists of some of the best anti-malware and cyber security technology including things like redundent firewalls, packet filters, virtualized sandbox envionments, active scanning of all incoming and outgoing packets for malware, rootkit detection, tamper detection etc.



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